Low Overheads

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a freelance web developer like me is the guarantee of a competitive price.

A freelance web designer will most likely only take you on if they are interested. While they are cheaper, the money you pay goes directly to the person in front of you.

Wages, superannuation, insurance, holidays, maternity leave and rent increase the price of your website if you are working with a web development company. A company has to keep the coal fires burning, and that means taking on every job that comes in. Even if it’s not a good fit.

Most freelance web designers work from home. Or at a Cafe. They have tiny overheads and if they are doing okay, a freelancer will only take on a job that they like and can manage. Companies take on all work – sometimes just to keep afloat.

Low overheads not only halves the price of your website but you double the availability. If you choose a picky web designer – one who sees your website as a chance to boost his or her portfolio, you’re sure to get a good deal. And because they are’t a company, any freelancer will work hard o impress you right off the bat.

Fast Turnaround

Big clients bring in big money for web development companies and so smaller clients often have to wait in line. Big jobs can go on for months, sometimes years.

Freelancers don’t have big clients. Period. A too-big client would hog all their time and they’d quickly be out of business.

Justin Sauti