Strategy Call Discovery Design Development Deploy Post Launch Ongoing Relationship

mY mission is to make digital bright, and the human experience brighter.

Step #1 – Strategy Call

Are we a good fit to work together?
Let’s start by asking the right questions … What is the ultimate goal for us working together? How do my services align with your needs? Am I a cost effective solution?

Step #2 – Discovery

What is it that you actually need?
This is where we start digging in. The discovery phase helps us determine any unknowns for the project, the services needed to meet the business goals, and any research on the competition or your demographic target.

Step #3 – Design

Let’s put the pencil to the paper.
We have the goals, we have the audience, we know the competition, now let’s do this! The design phase of your project will evolve as the project goes on, but here we can determine a look and feel that fits your existing brand or start from scratch with a new brand. Design allows us to seeing how thing will look, from wireframes, to color schemes, fonts & type to information architecture.

Step #4 – Development

Bro, do you even code?
Well, yes I do. The development phase is where the project starts to come to life. I start the coding of the website, and make things work across all platforms. This phase in the web design process covers building out the pages of the site, programming all the necessary templates, headers, footers, styles, and typography. HTML, CSS, and any necessary scripts will be written, and tested in this phase. We will create the ultimate user experience for your visitors.

Step #5 – Post Launch

Let’s create a marketing plan going forward.
Most may think, “thats’s it”, after launching a website but believe me there is still plenty of work to be done. Some of the most important work is done after launching. This post launch phase will help us devise a data backed, purposeful plan moving forward. I will integrate tracking and analytics to help us make informed decisions, and revisions based on what the users are doing. We can determine what ongoing services are needed to meet your business goals, such as a maintenance plan, content strategy, and search engine optimization.

Step #6 – Ongoing Relationship

I guess you can say I am a long term relationship kinda guy.
I do not want to build you a site and send you on your way. My goal is to stick it out with you, make things work, ease your technical pain points, educate you on what may or may not be working, and hopefully help you scale your website. Whether it’s a weekly progress call, a short email, or a slack message with an urgent issue, I am here.