1. Make A Great First Impression With A Completed LinkedIn Profile

Your business wants to make a substantial first impression on LinkedIn. People are searching for a solution, and they shouldn’t have to go through the extra work of having to click to your website to find out more about you.
So what does a completed profile look like?
A Concise About Us Description
Your “About Us” description needs to be concise enough to skim but thorough enough to answer the question “What do you do and what can you do for me?”

2. Build Traffic By Creating Your Own LinkedIn Group

Creating a group is another way to build traffic on LinkedIn. To form your group, you must:
Choose a niche and specialty category that you’d like to focus on. Write up your group description. Be sure to include the name of your target market and your group’s category.
Monitor and manage your group.
You want your group to be a clean atmosphere for people in your industry to come and chat about what you all enjoy.
That means keeping a steady stream of content so be prepared to throw in articles, white papers, podcast links and more those first few weeks to keep the discussion going.
Beware of people who are sharing their content merely to get a few extra page views. If the content is relevant to the discussion, by all means, leave it in. However, you don’t want other group members to get spammed by content so monitor your page daily if you can.

3. Always Share Engaging Content To Build Trust

There are a bunch of things that go into writing engaging messages.
Make sure you have these in mind when you’re writing:
1. Write about something your audience will enjoy.
2. Get to the point.
3. Share your content often.
When you share content filled with actionable and helpful information you are building trust with your audience.

…the next step is to stay top of mind by sharing great content that delivers on-going value to your audience. – JoAnne Funch

4. Capture The Attention Of Your Audience With Images

According to Neil Patel, attaching images to your content adds 98 comments.
By capturing the attention of your audience, you’re able to hook them into your content and engage with them.
Here are LinkedIn’s golden image rules:
1. Do your images have a personal touch?
2. Make sure your images are 531 px wide.
5. Post At The Best Times On LinkedIn
We’ve found that LinkedIn posts receive the bulk of their likes, comments and reach potential within 2 hours of it’s posting. To maximize that potential you need to post when your audience is online.
When to post on LinkedIn for the most click-throughs:
1. 5–6 p.m.
2. 7–8 a.m.
3. 12 p.m.

6. Publish Content On LinkedIn Pulse To Get More Eyes On Your Content

Publish posts to LinkedIn Pulse by pressing Publish a post. (You may republish things you’ve published elsewhere as long as it is your original content that you own the rights to.)
Once you publish your post, it will appear as a long-form post.
Sharing posts on LinkedIn will help build you engage with your audience and direct traffic back to your blog by including a strong CTA.
After you finish writing your post, put your bio at the bottom and link back to your website.

Justin Sauti